We offer the service of Pre-customs Clearance Inspection in order to confirm the quality of the product, the correct labeling and the certain that the requested merchandise to the shipper is the one that will be sent to us, thus generating savings in time and increasing efficiency in the operation at the time of import customs clearance, since it is not carried out prior to the merchandise in the national territory.

Our solution is focused on helping our customers to speed up the process of customs clearance of import shipments coming from Asia.

With Pre-customs Clearance Inspection Service, it is possible to clear customs up to 48 hours before the traditional process.

By carrying out the Pre-customs Clearance Inspection, our clients can skip that process at destination, avoid and reduce penalties for errors and discrepancies at origin, extraordinary expenses due to mislabeling, damages due to packaging, packing, stowage and loading malpractice, as well to reduce additional charges for document correction and the risk of incurring storage and delay payments, among other benefits.

Within the Pre-customs Clearance Inspection, we handle the “Quality Inspection” service of the product to be imported, a solution focused on reviewing the quality of raw materials and finished product, in compliance with International Quality Standards (AQL).

Although our professional inspectors (SLIC Quality Advisors) have absolute command over the quality requirements of the types of products we inspect, we are also capable of adapting to specific requests from each of our clients.

MABLO FORWARDING helps your company to ensure that it is dealing with the desired supplier profile, whether it is a producer, maquiladora, distributor or broker to what we call “Company or Factory Audit”.

During this solution, one of our expert auditors goes to your supplier’s facilities to interview all the personnel involved in the production of your merchandise and prepare a Professional Report with photographs of the facilities and the entire Audit process, qualifying the supplier according to the results of the same and provide certainty to start with your first purchase. (Physical existence of the company, Compliance with fiscal and employer commitments, Compliance with commercial commitments, among others).

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