MABLO FORWARDING is always at the forefront, developing new tools that can add value to our customers hand in hand with technology and the use of digital tools since Mablo is committed to delivering the finished work, especially in this type of service. Through our Web System, you can see all the information online, from a Booking Confirmation to the revalidation of your BL. The system continuously informs, via email, that it has a notification of each movement of the operation. Additionally, all your documents are available online, from the quotation of your operation to your proof of payment, in order that you have the information at hand at all times and places.Sistema Web de Mablo

Through our Web System you can give a timelier follow-up to each of your operations, always with updated information on your operations, which brings a greater benefit to your company, generating weekly and / or monthly reports of all your shipments both Maritime, Inland and Air. Trust us to be professional, punctual, efficient, and make sure you’re satisfied at every stage of the process.

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