At MABLO FORWARDING we care about the safety of your merchandise, therefore through our Civil and Armed Custody service we maintain constant communication with the client, emergency plans and links with the authorities at national level. At MABLO we have a global vision: we not only take care of the part that corresponds to us, we also reinforce the entire supply chain so that our customers feel confident that their goods will reach their destination safely.Custody Service

We are a land logistics company 100% committed to the safety of our clients’ cargo transportation. Among the services we offer are the following:

  • Units with GPS / Constantly updating.
  • Safe and alternate routes.
  • Intelligent security system in strategic areas.
  • Unit monitoring.
  • Continuous monitoring of drivers.

Certified personnel in vehicle evasion and blocking actions, defensive exploration and escort management, on board vehicles equipped with GPS in real time, with radio communication, internal mobile and radio communication installed in each custody unit with national network and coverage.

We have an exclusive monitoring team, a site where all units in route from origin to destination are monitored, whose objective is to immediately identify any incident that affects the continuity of the transfer of goods and must initiate the security protocol that is pointed in the emergency manual.

We have an Armed Custody service, where we support and reinforce the protection of your cargo with:

  • Custodians on board
  • Armed custody for transportation
  • Links immediately with federal and state authorities
  • GPS technology

Entrust the security of your merchandise in the hands of professionals, request a call with one of our advisors and we will gladly assist you.

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